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About us

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Daiwa Team


Thank you for visiting our website.

Through the response to the auction site, we’ve been able to establish connections with all the auction companies throughout Japan.

In all our major action houses in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, our inspection staff is stationed to perform individual physical inspection of vehicles before their purchase.

Through verifying the vehicles’ condition we can convey assurance and guarantee safety, therefore we’ve been receiving good feedback from our customers.

Our experienced professional staff has been providing speedy service and clear explanations to our clients.

Through our experience dealing with more than 30 nations in the general consulting field, we are able to cooperate with affiliated entrepreneurs and make further progress in a variety of new fields.

Leadership Team

  • Kazu Iwamoto / Mr.
    President Kazu Iwamoto / Mr.


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  • Daiwa Corporation Co., Ltd has just marked its 20th anniversary this year having earned deep trust from our customers and striving to attain honesty in each and every transaction.

    We stand by our customers, and as a general trading company we are dedicated to making persistent effort and having untiring devotion to our work.

    Our motto is “Be honest”, “Be frank”. We never forget the debt of gratitude and emphasize thinking together with one mind, considering our customers as part of one team so that we both can grow together mutually.

    We have greatly appreciated having transactions with you over the years, and we also hope to establish a longer relationship with those who have just begun transacting with us.

General Manager

Every day is a brand new day!
Though, each day got its ordinary errand and tasks to get things done, but in each and everyday that we can encounter with good and new communication to go along with which brings us such a joy for knowing we can be connected to one another through our job we are place in, and it is such a delightful moment to see both we and our customer both can get fulfill the needs we are demanded from each other. It is our motto to bring the needs to be met, so our joy becomes fulfilled.
Of course sometime that we have to go through the storms of difficulties due to the international business including the currency sway could become such a burden sometimes, but it is always good to look back after when we managed to go through the challenging time and storms to overcome together with the customer, so that our relationship get strengthen so as our trust become more concrete ever before.

Thank you so much for those of you whom have been togher with us in good times and bad times. We are looking forward to yeas to go, and also will be so grateful for those who will have us in your good days and bad days together as we are willing to build the good long lasting new relationship.


With the experience that I have of my work,
I provide you the best quality of car.
I will find the car which make you satisfied.

I like fast cars.
I love driving faster. 
I love football!
I do not need big profit from one time business.
I prefer long business relationship with decent profit.

My quality is what separates us from the rest. Over the past 15 years I have been exporting quality vehicles for customers from every area around the globe and I continue to enjoy reports of completely satisfied customers. If a vehicle were not up to my quality specifications I would not export it, even if it means losing business. I believe in HONESTY, INTEGRITY and QUALITY, and these are the fundamental principles by which I conduct business and as such these are never compromised, regardless of the price.


I love tennis
sometimes I play soccer


My motto is the things happen only after the "Equivalent Exchange". for whom are looking for a deal with sincerely and trust only can find it after the that.

I'm in charged of the purchases on auction houses!!
you may count with me on car's checks !!

please buy with confidence,I'll check everywhere that you worry